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Federal Communications Commission
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Telecommunications Law and Regulation
The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE)
The leading annual event for communication professionals.
FIREFOX BROWSER FIT is recommending the use of FIREFOX browser when connecting with the FCC. We have used various versions of Netscape and Explorer but have had the best results with FIREFOX as the FCC keeps making changes to the ULS System. Read about our recommendation and how to get your FREE browser by checking the link above.

Watch or Listen to FCC Meetings The FCC Commissioner meetings are available on the World Wide Web. You can watch or listen live or on demand, depending on your bandwidth availability and desires. In additon to the regularly scheduled Commission Meetings, other events, forums and meetings at the FCC are also available from time-to-time. The link will take you to the FCC site that provides the schedule, informaton on PC/Mac requirements and what software is needed. See your FCC in action!!

Land Mobile Comm. Council (LMCC) The Land Mobile Communications Council Represents, and sets the standards for the FCC Certified Land Mobile Radio
Service Frequency Coordinators.

FCC Rules at Why pay $85 for the Rules when you can have your own on-line version for FREE? You can search specific information using a sophisticated on-line search engine. Plus you will find many more features that will help you understand the FCC Rules and Regulations.

FREE ADOBE READER FIT links to many documents that are in .PDF format. To view and print the documents you must have a .PDF file reader. Get the free Adobe Reader for PDF files here.

CONSTRUCTION NOTIFICATION This link will take you to the FCC web Site where you can conduct the necessary steps to file your notification of construction. If you have a problem, FIT charges only $50 to do this on your behalf, however members get this service at no charge.

FCC FEES AND FORMS Here is where to go to get FCC fee information or download the latest edition of the FCC Form you might need.

800 MHz Rebanding information If you are licensed in the 800 MHz band, the FCC's new rebanding policies WILL affect you. This site will answer many questions you may have.

Private Wireless Forum Want to keep up with the latest information about the Land Mobile Radio Service? How about asking questions of some of the most knowledgable "insiders" of the industry? The Yahoo Group "Private Wireless Forum" is the place where the real communication Pro's hang out.

A Wireless Dictionary and more Ever wonder what an ERLANG is? Or have been stumped by some other radio term? Check out Althos Training and Publishing and their interactive on-line dictionary. You might also scroll down their publicaton list and maybe spend $14.99 on their "INTRODUCTION TO PRIVATE LAND MOBILE RADIO."

Narrowbanding Stay up to date on the latest in narrowbanding.

FCC Communication Help Center The FCC is beginning an overhaul of the way it interacts with citizens, including a complete and comprehensive redesign of Find out about it here.